200 Hour Teacher Training

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Experience the Depth of Yoga...

Comprehensive curriculum. Personal attention.

Expert Teachers.


We have successfully graduated hundreds of teachers in our 19 years of offering 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings. Yoga on High's Program prepares you to teach intelligently sequenced, safe, and well-rounded classes to a variety of students. During the 9-month interactive program you will have plenty of hands-on opportunity to put your new skills to use and find your voice as a teacher, and you get to choose a focus - Hatha, with elements of teaching beginners, special populations and therapeutics or Vinyasa, with elements of power styles, slow flow and fusion. Since 2001, Yoga on High has graduated some of the top yoga teachers in Ohio. Join our family and become part of this history!

“The training went far above and beyond anything I had expected. I cannot express how thorough, kind, knowledgeable, patient, and skilled these teachers are. Amazing and life changing experience.” -Cara


  • Stand in your power and claim your voice

  • Lead flowing sun salutes, static holds, teach energetic actions and intelligent alignment with confidence and clarity

  • Design intelligently sequenced classes

  • Analyze a pose and break it into focused points in order to introduce it to students in increments

  • Teach breath awareness to beginners

  • Teach simple restorative poses, guided relaxation and meditation

  • Understand general principles of anatomy

  • “Read” a student’s body to make proper adjustments

  • Teach general yoga philosophy


  • Be part of an inspiring and supportive community.

  • Receive mentoring from highly experienced and compassionate teachers.

  • Grow as a practitioner, a teacher and a person.


  • Attend teacher training sessions and follow make up requirements

  • Attend in-house silent retreat experience

  • Assist 12 classes to gain real experience in the classroom

  • Practice teach 10 hours to develop your skills

  • Attend 40 studio classes - asana and meditation


  • Mentoring with experienced teachers, in-depth training manual, online training platform, sample beginner courses, 9-month unlimited pass to Yoga on High, a silent retreat experience and 10% off our retail shop.

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Become a teacher

Practice what you love! Come to classes and introduce yourself to our amazing teachers. They will be excited to help guide you in this adventure!

Come to a TT Info session and meet Michele the Director of the 200hr TT program and get a sense of our vibe.

Connect with Danielle, the TT program coordinator, so she can share info with you and answer your questions.

September Calendar

This program meets weekly on Thursday nights. The program includes a kickoff weekend, weekly 6p-9p Thursday night classes and a silent retreat experience.


March Calendar

This program meets one weekend per month (includes Friday evening). The program includes a kickoff weekend, monthly sessions and a silent retreat experience.


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Information Sessions

Sunday, December 8; 11:45a to 12:30p

Register by calling 614.291.4444 or

Solid Ground. Throughout my Teacher Training experience, I would tease and tell my friends that I was in the “Harvard” of Yoga Teacher Training. In all seriousness, the breadth and depth of the Yoga on High TT program is so vast and unparalleled! I’m forever grateful that my journey as a teacher began here. Yoga on High will always have a piece of my heart! It includes a strong philosophical foundation and an explorative approach to practice on the mat. The program is thoughtful and comprehensive. It was well structured, nurturing and challenging, providing a strong foundation for a teacher and practitioner. The access to an amazing group of teachers/mentors and their classes provided the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with different styles of yoga and different instructors. This also informed my own teaching style. When I began teaching my own classes, I felt confident that I was well prepared and would provide my students with a quality experience.
— Shannon
Yoga on High is much more than a yoga studio, much more than the sum of its parts, much more than any of the individuals that make it great. Yoga on High is a diverse community, deeply and broadly rooted in yogic ethics and values - encouraging openness, joy, and compassion in and for students, teachers, and members of the larger community/communities.
— Catherine
I found trust. I had to trust that while it felt like I didn’t know half of what I thought I knew about yoga, I was in the right place at Yoga on High. Surrounded by knowledgeable mentors, experienced teachers, and my fellow teacher trainees, I was given all the tools to dive as deep as I wanted into the sea of transformation. I trusted in myself that I would always find a way to accomplish everything I needed to, when I needed to. The 9-month program is perfectly crafted to propose new content in a digestible way and I trusted that there was plenty of time to know it all.
— Brittny


$2,950 - Paid in full by February 20, 2020

$3,250 – Paid in full after February 20, 2020

$3,480 – Monthly payment plan: $300 non-refundable deposit due with this contract, plus $353.34/month

For tuition information please contact our Teacher Training Coordinator, Danielle Dugan or call us at 614-291-4444. We would love to meet with you in person or chat via phone to share more about the Teach Training program. If you have not taken classes at Yoga on High you may be asked to 'interview' by taking a class with one of our teachers before we approve your enrollment. We also invite you to join us for a free information session about our program - register today and learn more about our community!

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