Our Story

Yoga on High Student Columbus Ohio

We are a women owned and operated small business that’s been serving Columbus for 18 years.

Our story is rooted in a desire to be of service and to offer a sacred space for our shared experiences. We hope that from the moment you first visit “YOHI” as it’s known, you will sense its healing magic, genuine warmth, sacred energy and the collective passion for yoga shared by our experienced teachers and all the students practicing here.

Yoga on High was started in 2001 around:

  • the principles of loving kindness,

  • a genuine interest in quality teaching, and

  • a belief in the benefits of yoga for all its practitioners.

This foundation of loving kindness, quality and trust in the benefits of yoga has been fertile soil from which to grow.

Through the years, we have been honored to win numerous “Best of’s” and are known in the city as a studio with a serious commitment to intelligent and embodied practices. At YOHI, students have always been encouraged to “come as you are” - bring your sorrows, joys, frustrations, limitations and successes - it is all welcome here…we are not looking to fix or change you. Our teachers hold space for you to grow in your practice and in your life; to see your own beauty and inherent wholeness. Ultimately, we are interested in authentic relationships and in holding space for radical self-acceptance.

At the core of our studio, is a deep respect for YOU, our students, and also for the long line of yoga teachers who brought forth the traditions of yoga. We love what we do and endeavor to foster long-term relationships with our students and our teachers! Together we have cultivated a mindful, heart-centered community - thank you for being part of what makes our studio truly unique and so very special!!


Marcia Miller + Michele Vinbury

Current Studio Owners

founding partners.jpg

Martha Marcom, Marcia Miller, Linda Oshins

Founding Owners

Yoga on High is much more than a yoga studio, much more than the sum of its parts, much more than any of the individuals that make it great. Yoga on High is a diverse community, deeply and broadly rooted in yogic ethics and values - encouraging openness, joy, and compassion in and for students, teachers, and members of the larger community/communities.
— Catherine