Our Values

We believe that teachers have knowledge to share, and also affirm that each student is the ultimate expert of their experience.

We believe that students have a right to decide who touches them and how.  Adjustment consent cards are used in all of our classes.

We believe that joy, equanimity and internal spiritual liberation are the birthright of all beings.

We have found that authentic spirituality is revolutionary.

We recognize that the ancient healing and awakening practices that we teach originated in Asia.  This studio is owned by two white American women who are deeply grateful for these practices and the way they have supported and enriched our lives.  We strive to stay away from practices and language of cultural appropriation, and also recognize that at times, we might fail in this endeavor  We are open to being held accountable and will work to educate ourselves and the staff so as to better serve the community and society in general.

We work to create a welcoming and safe space for all to practice yoga.  We also recognize that our staff, students and teachers are currently majority white, female, heterosexual, cisgender and middle class.  We acknowledge that this may not feel welcoming and safe to all who come here to practice.  We are committed to making time and space for communication and collaborations that aim to grow accessibility, inclusivity, diversity, respect and sensitivity to all our students. Have ideas, comments, recommendations, feedback? Please get in touch!! We want to hear from you, email: info@yogaonhigh.com or call us at 614-291-4444.

We believe in, and recognize the power of, profound, radical self-acceptance!  

M + M + the YOHI Team